The king of American hardwoods, and long considered one of the finest woods for furniture and art, walnut's deep, rich browns are unsurpassed. It is equally at home in modern, transitional and traditional settings.


Classic, lustrous and naturally possessing a color that lesser woods try to mimic with stain, cherry exudes elegance and charm. Its tight grain and closed pores also make it an excellent wood for food service or preparation.


Hard as a rock and often variegated in its grain and coloring, hard maple is a classic choice for any piece that will see an unusual amount of use and abuse. It is unmatched as the main species in a cutting board.



Possibly the all time classic American hardwood, oak's popularity has spanned many decades. Heavily grained and easy to stain just about any color, oak pieces make attractive wall hangings to match a home's existing decor.


Cousin to oak, it's just as hard and durable, but it has wavier grain and more variegation in wood tones. It also machines better with less tear out, making it an excellent all around choice for many projects.